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Media for people and companies who seek a lasting impression and a broad impact on society, culture, and people’s lives. That’s what we do, create a form for the services, products, and initiatives these companies create to show how they shape our world. You could call it translational science, but it’s just content that clarifies. Our clients are changing the world every day, in small ways, and large. We explain how they take risks, connect the dots and make the world a better place.

WideLens is just two people. We shoot, edit, post-score, write copy, answer the phone, reply to email. No hive mind. No running it up the flagpole. We offer a personal experience that is super efficient. We think it makes a difference.

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Amy K. Gibson has a Ph.D in Sociology, and public policy. Prior to earning graduate degrees she studied photography. She has worked at numerous non-profits and served on the Board of Directors for a host of organizations dedicated to social change. She’s a devoted runner, swimmer, and triathlete.

Bob Deck has been at this for more years than it may be wise to admit. He’s also a respected musician - you’ll hear him and his influence on every soundtrack in our work. He has eclectic taste and finds it really hard to write about himself.